Located on the east side of the Water Amusement Park, Hexi District of the southern part of the city, Tianjin TV Tower was first built in 1988. The tower measures 415.2 meters, and is known as the fourth highest tower in the world after the ones in Toronto, Moscow and Shanghai.Tianjin TV Tower covers an area of 300 mu, 70% area is water. The tower looks like a sword pointing to the sky amidst lakes of shining ripples. Around Tianjin TV Tower is an unobstructed view of land and water with lush ...
Tianjin Quanye-chang is located on No.290 Heping Road Heping District Tianjin. It was built in 1928 and addition building the sixth and seventh floor of entertainment faclitiles. It is a famous old firm maket in Tianjin.Quanye-chang is designed with 21,000 square meters by the architect Mu Le of French Yonghe Engineering Company. The plaque "Tianjin Quanye-chang" is written by a famous calligrapher Hua Shikui, it is assessed as the Chinese Famous Plaque. The old Quanye-chang is ...
Tianjin Eye is is a set of transportation, sightseeing, dining, travel in one integrated multi-function bridge. "Tianjin Eye" Yongle Bridge spans the HaiHe River and connects Hebei District and HongQiao District. The bridge is 600 meters long, 32 meters wide, with 6 lanes of bi-directional traffic.Safety: Safety checks are performed every Monday mornng. Each cabin has a fire extinguisher, lifeline, intercom and alarm system. In emergency situations, visitors can press a button to get ...
It is also called Gu Wenhua Jie in China. It is one of the most interesting and historically accurate streets in China. It looks and feels just like walking into the 19th century of China Ancient Culture Street in Tianjin largely shows the great local culture and long history of Tianjin, the East Gate of Beijing and also in order to remind the citizens of China and tourists of remembering the old ways of living in China. The streets hold many delights for shopping and sightseeing. The ...
Tianjin Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, located in the core region of the in-process Binhai Leisure Tourism Area, covers a land area of 5.57 km2. With its overall planning and tourism planning jointly undertaken by Atkins, the world-famous planning consultant and KCAHNCE Tourism Consulting and Operation Institute, a top-grade domestic tourism planner, Tianjin Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park is a large-scale military-themed park with the core project "KIEV" Aircraft Carrier as ...
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